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North American Land Sailing Association

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ALC 2022

The ALC is returning to Ivanpah for 2022. It's a go. Folks are already camped out in preparation for the event. Entry forms and other information are on the Events page now.

ALC Results 2022

Holy Gale results (2019)

America's Landsailing Cup (ALC) results 2019

America's Land Sailing Cup is a week-long, annual event usually occurring in the last full week of March. For many years, and currently, it is held on Ivanpah Dry Lake California, just east of Interstate 15. Near the resort casinos at Primm, Nevada. Typically, it is the largest landsailing event in the U.S.

America's Landsailing Cup

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NALSA 2 Alan Wirtanen Dennis Bassano Nord Embroden
NALSA 3 Alan Wirtanen Nord Embroden Ben Gouch
FISLY 3 Kieth Ligler Dennis Bassano Niles Muench
STANDART Nord Embroden Renee Fields Anke Muench
MANTA TWIN Renée Fields Greg Cornelius Carl Eberly
MANTA SINGLE Carl Maasse Sheila Eberly Jim Goss
U.S. Mini 6.7 Terry Fulbright Mark Harris Howard Haupt
SORTSMAN John Eisenlohr Blake Learmonth Burton Grover
MINI SKEETER Dave Gluek John Eisenlohr Phil Agustin
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