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Class 5


Class 5 was developed in Europe around the concept that there needed to be a class for small, light-weight, car-top-able, high-performance landyachts that were less expensive to build and maintain than the larger Class 3 yachts. In the long run, they succeeded in all but the last goal. Since Class 5 is a developmental class with a few hard and fast rules, but a lot left open, competitive Class 5 yachts soon sported a variety of exotic materials and pushed over $10K at  new retail.

In the U.S., to avoid confusion with NALSA Class V, Class 5s are called "FISLY 5," "5 square," and occasionally (and often incorrectly) "Fed 5," a few were imported by Nord Design then Kent Hatch teamed up with S&R marine and manufactured around 30 identical yachts called FED 5s, which raced for years as both one design and Class 5. Frank Marsh imported a handful of New Zealand Rockets and a couple of Airtrack Classe 5 Sport models. A few others have "snuck" into the country or have been built here including a couple of Australian Pacific Magics and a Texas copy called a Hondo Rat Racer as well as at least 1 IMAC Fed 5.

Basic rules:

Cutrrent State of things:

Class 5 was in decline for many years, both in Europe and the U.S. but is experiencing a resurgence. Many dissembled/cannibalized boats are being restored to class 5 specs There are rumors of used class 5s being imported from Europe. They are just too much fun to sail to go extinct.

There should soon be a class 5 club/association replacing the defunct A5A, which will be linked here.

For info on organizing FISLY 5 Class in the U.S. contact :
(702) 492 - 0137 or

There is a European Facebook page for Classe 5

Class 5 Promo:

In a attempt to control the escalating Prices of Class 5 yachts FISLY came up with a set of rules added to the Class 5 rules that produce a less expensive boat. the biggest changes were all steel frames under the boat only, Dacron sails and Wheelbarrow-size wheels. Consult FISLY rules for details.