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Ivanpah Information:

(Good advice for most dry lakes)

Where to Stay:  Primm Valley Resort has three Casinos. Whiskey Pete's is often the least expensive although they all are very reasonable.  The Primm Valley Casino reservation number is 888-774-6668 . Motor homes and camping trailers generally can get onto the lake with only moderate difficulty.  Camping on the lake in a tent is do-able but dusty (and some years, really cold).

Getting to the site: Get off I-15 at Primm (about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NV).  Go NE toward the Primmadona, Turn right at the first light and drive along the edge of the resort (SW) past to the Lotto Store where the road turns SE. About 100 yards past the Lotto Store the road bends around to the left  and there is a dirt road going through the fence on the right.  Follow that dirt road 3+ miles along the east edge of the lake to camp (Camp is usually very close to N35 deg 33’, W115 deg, 23’ although it moves from time to time depending on conditions and the preferences of event organizers). Google Map

Notes:  Do not take the dirt road that runs SE along the fence.  There is often a wash just past the fence that may be difficult for some vehicles. If you come to a railroad track you are going the wrong way.   A little shovel work goes a long way.

Access to the east side of the dry lake is between the brown carsonite signs. There are arrows on the carsonite signs to assist you. Follow the posts, not the ruts. The ruts are now outside of the area for driving, camping, staging and parking, directing vehicles on a  different path in hopes of allowing restoration of the surface. This will spread the driving across a wider area, allowing the surface to recover more readily. Do not drive on the lake outside the posts. Observe the posted speed limit (30MPH).When passing cars be mindful of your dust trail.

When approaching camp or driving in camp drive very slowly—walking speed or slower—to avoid making dust in camp (absolute max speed is 15MPH).

If the lake is wet do not drive on it.  As a minimum you will leave ruts that will take years to fill and there is a good chance you will get stuck.   If there are puddles (typically in the ruts of the road) do not drive through them.

If it starts to rain moderately hard you will have very little time (10-15 minutes) before the the lake softens and becomes impassable. (In case you are thinking your V8 powered, 4 wheel drive SUV can get through anything, think again...this is not your usual 'mud bog' mud.  The softened surface rolls up on your tires like a snow ball rolled in wet snow.  It can pack  the wheel wells in a few tens of feet.)

Keep an eye on the weather and, if it is threatening, be ready to move off the playa quickly.  You generally do not need to flee at the first sign of rain falling out of a distant cloud. In most cases the rain is brief and the lake will never really get wet or will dry in a few hours BUT if it rains a lot it may flood for days or weeks.  Most (but not all) experienced landsailors have a good understanding of  when it is time to get off he playa and how to get off if the playa has gotten soft.

The BLM manages the lake.  We have permits for events.  Please read the permits and associated rules for conduct on the lake.

Campers: Deadwood at or around Ivanpah Dry Lake is not allowed to be used for campfires.

Note to spectators/free sailors: The ALC is a permitted event, NALSA has permission to use the lake for our actvivities and racing. We welcome spectators, but expect those folks to obey the same rules we have to obey. Particularly, no speeding (15MPH max) through camp and no sailing through camp in landsailers or kite buggies. Additionally, it is critiacally important as a safety issue that non-racers, regardless of club affiliation, stay far away from the race course anytime the NALSA races are staging or running. This applies to members of other clubs who show up early for their events. Speeding tickets have been issued and rangers may ask you to move your campsites or leave the lake entirely if compliance becomes an issue.