It's already 2010? Where did the time go? How long have I been president anyway? I'm confused.


It has been a busy year for me and dirt boating. America's Landsailing Cup, Holy Gale , Alvord BBC, 6 Hours of Berck (France) , November Cup, Toyota commercial shoot (Pismo Beach) and finally the MOOSE Invitational Ice Fest. For those of you who don't know, MOOSE is the Montana Organization Of Sailing Enthusiasts. John Eisenlohr is the head moose or Bullwinkle. They have joined NALSA and are based out of Canyon Ferry, Montana. They have an event only when the ice is right. Here is some other news: Elaine the ranger has moved on from the Needles BLM office. Phil is now in charge of the event permits and is working closely with the new contact. The transition has been pretty smooth so far. We are hoping the new ranger will be able to get us the permission to use the southern part of Ivanpah for staging and camping in the near future. Now I need to get back to work plumbing houses and organizing dirt boat events.


The America's landsailing Cup is right around the corner and everything seems to be in order. People have jumped in to help organize and it's taken a lot pressure off me, which has been nice. The America's Landsailing Cup is looking like it should be a great event, with around the same amount of pilot participation as last year. The 2009 America's Landsailing Cup was one of the biggest events ever in the USA! The racing format will be unchanged from last year except that a little more importance will be given to the pilots' meeting and the "Secret word of the day". Our foreign guests this year will be Hans Werner Eickstadt (G1) and his wife Nadia. They will be at Ivanpah from Saturday to Wednesday, so say hello to them before they leave. You will see Hans in my boat in Class 3 and a Manta Twin. Watch out! He is fast!


This year, all the regular USA events are scheduled, plus we look forward to the biggie -- The World Championships, which will be held in De Panne, Belgium from October 9th to 15th. The town of De Panne really gets behind sand yachting and there is even a sign on the freeway with a sand yacht on it and an arrow pointing towards De Panne. RSYC of Belgium is providing us with a container so we can bring our own boats. The Royal Sand Yacht Club will be hosting the event and if it's anything like last time it will be very well organized with parties, dinners and entertainment. We are building the team right now and already have 7 or 8 that have committed to go. I have rented a 2 bedroom apartment that sleeps four for two weeks for $480 and the dollar is gaining on the Euro as we speak (hopefully this trend will continue until October). This is one of the nicest places to sail in Europe and the experience of sailing on the beach is like no other. If you are interested in going please feel free to talk to me at the America's Landsailing Cup.


See you in the dirt,

Dennis US 8

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