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Proposed Revised Constitution, to be presented to the members in 2001, to become effective January 2002

The goal of this revision of the constitution is to make changes that are consistent with our current activities, especially the Manta Annual Championship Regatta and Annual Meeting held in March of each year at this Regatta, and to allow membership organizational activities to take advantage the ease of communication provided by the Internet and (almost) universal email. Please send Comments and suggestions regarding this document to


The name of this organization shall be “The U. S. Manta Association” and shall be hereafter referred to as “The Association.”


The Purpose of the Association is:

1.     To promote the sport of LandSailing and the use of Manta class LandSailing craft

2.     To set and maintain class rules for Manta Twinjammer and Manta Windjammer Landsailers.

3.     To inform the North American LandSailing Association (NALSA) of requirements of the Manta class.

4.     To inform the public.

5.     To aid beginners in the sport.

6.     To exchange knowledge and ideas.

7.     To promote regattas.


1.     Membership in the Association is open to anyone interested in Manta LandSailing.

2.     Membership dues are to be set annually by the board of directors, and expire in December.

3.     Each member shall be responsible for any personal and/or property damage caused by him and not covered by insurance premium by NALSA and shall assume full responsibility.

4.     Each pilot in a Manta Class Sponsored-racing event must be a member of the Association.


1.     The Officers are elected for a one-year term, which shall run to the end of the next Annual Class Meeting in      March.

2.     Nominations are to be made by a nominating committee appointed by the President at least one month prior to      election.

3.     The Candidates’ names will be submitted to the members at least two weeks prior to election. Write-in candidates      will be allowed, and Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

4.     The Election is at the Annual Class meeting normally held in March. The Installation of new officers will be at      close of the meeting.


1.     Board of Directors consists of the following:

A.   President

B.    Vice-President

C.   Secretary

D.   Treasurer

E.    At-Large Member of the Board.

2.     Standing Committees

A.   Race

B.    Publicity

C.   Finance


  1. President – shall be responsible for the proper conduct of all meetings held, and shall oversee the function of all other elected and appointed officers.
  2. Vice-President – shall assume the responsibilities of the President in the event the President is unable to do so, and shall oversee the Committee on Racing.
  3. Treasurer – shall be responsible for the receipt and expenditures of all funds pertaining to The Association and maintaining records of it. Shall disburse more than $50.00 with the approval of the President and one other officer. Shall maintain an up-to-date roster and provide to Secretary for mailing purposes. Shall be responsible for Finance Committee.
  4. Secretary – shall be responsible for taking notes of all board and business meetings, submit them at the following meeting, and disseminate all information as required to the general membership.Shall also be responsible for the Committee on Publicity.
  5. The At-Large Member of the Board will lend his expertise to the organization and assist the Officers in the conduct of association activities.


  1. Race – shall set course and rules for races sponsored by The Association and maintain sportsmanlike conduct by the participants.
  2. Publicity – shall attempt by all available media to inform the public of the sport of LandSailing.
  3. Finance – shall raise funds by all available means to provide The Association with funds to continue its activities.


  1. Board of Directors meeting may be held anytime requested by one of the officers.
  2. General membership meetings other than the annual election of officers shall be called by the Board of Directors as required.
  3. A quorum shall consist of:
       *Sixty percent (60%) of the Board of Directors
       *Fifty-one percent (51%) of the General Membership, either present of having written in on subject at hand.
  4. The following order of business shall be executed at each business meeting:
A.    Previous minutes read
B. Treasurer’s report
C. Chairmen Reports
D. Old business
E. New business
F.General comments


  1. The Board of Directors may authorize voting for any issue to be conducted over the internet with email.
  2. All voting issues subject to membership vote must be passed by simple majority of the members present at the meeting, by either write-in (to a particular subject) or show of hands. A secret ballot may be conducted for officers (at the annual meeting) for contested offices. A 30-day notification period will be required on any issues subject to write-in or email votes. As soon as a majority of the all of the members of the organization accept or reject a proposal with e-mail voting, the measure shall be deemed as passing or failing, even if the 30 days notification period has not expired.
  3. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the president may appoint a nominating committee which shall consist of at least two members in good standing, and the proposed nominee may be approved by the members with an e-mail election and will take office as soon as 51% of the members approve the nominee.
  4.   Additions, deletions, and revisions to this Constitution are subject to majority approval by the Board of Directors prior to being presented to the membership for approval.

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