Directions to find Smith Creek

There are four ways to get to Smith Creek. One is turning off on Hwy 722 3 miles past Middlegate (Gabbs Hwy intersects with Hwy 50), go over steep but scenic Carroll Summit and about 6 miles past the edge of Smith Creek valley, turn off on the Brown's Well Rd at 39.29031N, 117.45544W, Elev 6135. Proceed to the islands at 39.31989N, 117.48470W, Elev 6038. A second route is staying on Hwy 50 until getting to about 4 miles past the Mt Airy Summit and taking the Reese River Farm District gravel road and go south to Hwy 722 to the west over Railroad Pass, then at 39.32148N, 117.43348W, elev. 6105 turning right on the shorter dusty dirt road to the playa. A third route is the Smith Creek Ranch Road and driving by the hot springs and tubs, but that route is not available to trailers or RV's. The fourth is rumored to be from Harry Brown's ranch to the south end of the lake near Elmer, but I could not find the white PVC pole marking that long dirt road route.

Best to use Google Earth and look at each exit to the lake.

Please Don't drive onto (or off of) the lake when it is wet


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