Last update: January 27, 2009


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Hello dirtboaters from around the world,pacrim logo

It is around two months until the Pacific Rim Championships at Ivanpah. We are well into the planning stages and things are shaping up to be a great event. I have been contacted by people from New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and even the UK and they have showed interest in coming. How many of these people show up is anybody’s guess.

     We are proud to announce that Complete Millwork Services Inc. of Carson City, Nevada have signed on as the event sponsor. This collaboration will help us provide many more services to the competitors without escalating the cost of the entry fee. More information about Complete Millwork Services Inc. can be found at

      I have been trying to get the Promo class going in the US but without a builder here and the price to have one built and shipped from Europe (around $5000) it hasn’t caught on and it looks like the two biggest classes at the event will still be the Manta Twin and Single. We have also introduced International Class 2 to the line up of classes that will be contested. International Class 2 has a minimum and maximum sail area (unlike most NALSA open classes that only have a maximum area) the minimum area is 8 Sq. Meters (86 sq. ft.) and a maximum of 11 sq. meters (121 sq. ft.). This was done to get the larger (true class 2) yachts back on the race course. With this rule many ice boats (i.e. skeeters) could race and be competitive. Remember in dirtboating we count mast, boom, sail (including roach) and other faired and controllable surfaces as sail area.

      We will have two catered dinners during the event and daily first parties after each days racing. The daily first parties are put on by individual clubs like, the Montana Crew, Wind Wizards and SASSASS who will be bringing the infamous SASSANATOR along.

    The web page has been updated with information about the discounted hotel rooms and the link for people who want to charter a yacht or have a yacht they want to charter (we are looking for Mantas and Fed 5’s). This web site will be updated as more information becomes available.

      I am looking forward to seeing my friends from around the world and the country and to making new friends from new places.

Dinnis in south america

See you in the dirt,

Dennis US-8