Last Updated January 13, 2017
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US I 5.6 mini

Updated International 5.6 Mini Rules*

January 2016

After months of discussion, FISLY has agreed to sanction 2 classes of Mini Yachts, Sport and Spirit.

The Sport Class rules are unchanged from the Mini Class rules that have existed for the past serveral years, Anyone who has a boat that has legally competed in international Mini events in the past can continue to compete in the Sport Class.

The Spirit Class (or maybe more accurately, sub-class) has more restrictive rules designed to keep the class inexpensive and competitive without the constant tinkering required by a more open class. All Spirit Class boats can still legally compete in the Sport Class.

Interested US 5.6 Mini Association members voted overwhelmingly to accept the 2 class system.

A Sport Class mini yacht is:

A Spirit Class mini yacht:

1. A fully assembled Spirit miniyacht must have all wheels fit inside a continuous loop of rope/ cable 5.60 meter long and of 4mm minimum diameter.*

2. The Spirit Miniyacht must be measured on hard, level ground, with the measuring rope or cable running around the outside of the point of contact between each wheel and the ground.

3. The wheels / wheel rims on the Spirit Miniyacht without exception must be what are known as a “wheel barrow” style.

4. The tyre size is maximum 4.80/400x8 and the wheel/wheel rim with a fitted inflated tyre is a maximum of 400mm tall and 100mm wide when inflated firmly. Without a tyre the maximum permitted height of a wheel/wheel rim at its tallest point is 230mm and the minimum wheel/wheel rim width is 70mm.

5. The mast must be of circular tube, any cross section of the mast must be circular and no wing sections are allowed on or around the mast.

6. The seat shape must be such that the pilot’s body is always fully exposed from the mast foot rearwards when viewed directly from above.

7. The sail must be free to rotate around the mast with a mast pocket that is constructed of sail cloth, without any stiffener, shape former, camber inducer or other support or shape inducer apart from sail battens.

8. The boom must extend behind / past the pilot’s head. With the sail fully sheeted in and the pilot facing forward, the boom must be able to pass freely over the pilot's head and helmet

9. Sail Control, a maximum of 4 pulley wheels are allowed on any sheet rope used for sail control, one pulley and one end of this sheet rope must be behind the pilot.

10. Forward visibility, for safety the pilot must have unobstructed forward vision at all times and no part of the yacht or sail - apart from the mast or mast supports shall obstruct the forward or side vision of the pilot.

11. No aerodynamic fairing is permitted on any wheel, mast or axle. A simple splash or mud guard is allowed on any front wheel and only on a front wheel.

12. Front wheel : No part of the yacht or the pilot is allowed to go forward of the front wheel centre point.

13. Mast foot, 200mm is the minimum distance between the rear of a Spirit Miniyacht front wheel and the front of a mast.

14. Brake, a Spirit Miniyacht is recommended to have an effective brake.

Illustrations and details are available in PDF format.

When racing in NALSA events, all NALSA rules apply when applicable (seatbelts and helmets required, for example)

*These rules come from FISLY; some of the spelling and grammar may not be USA standard.
**it seems generally accepted that the rope should be .25 in or 6 mm nominal diameter.
***All the standard wheelbarrow tires that are this size say 480/400x8 (NALSA Webmaster comments).

The US International 5.6 Mini Association is dedicated to promoting sailing and racing of International 5.6 mini yachts in the United States.  Our intentions are to continue to grow the Intl. 5.6 class.  We have created a temporary committee of 5 to handle current and future decisions for the US International 5.6 mini class.  There may be a need for decisions at races, i.e. race course, rolling starts related to wind speed, cart specs. Etc.  Any questions or input should be directed to the committee members: 
Allen Mauldin, ,
John Eisenlohr ,
Mike Grimm, , 
Burton Grover , and
Bob Schumacher . 
Burton Grover is our NALSA representative with one vote in NALSA, And Burton and John Eisenlohr are our International reps for input on decisions regarding the Int. 5.6 mini.  We also plan on having a Facebook page for discussions and information regarding the 5.6 mini class.  I will continue to send out information to all that I have emails for.  Please send to Allen Mauldin email addresses if you wish to be added.

Join the US International Mini Association to stay up to date with happenings in the International 5.6 mini world.

Email US I 5.6 Mini to join.

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