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Possible Courses based on
Nominal Wind Direction


Classes to be Contested at the 2014 Nalsa/ Fisly Land Yacht World Championships


International Class 2: This class is yachts that are over 3.65m wide and have a maximum of 11 Sq. m of sail area. The minimum sail area requirement for this class has been dropped for this event.

Fisly Class 3: This class is yachts under 3.5m wide with a maximum sail area of 7.35 Sq. m. There is also a max length of 6.1m for the mast among other rules.

Fisly Class 5: This is a "Box" rule class that has a maximum of 5.5 Sq. M of sail area along with many other constraints.

Class Promo: Similar to Fisly Class 5 but with plenty of rules to try and keep costs down.

Class Standart: This is a strict one design class and everything on the yacht must come from the factory.

International 5.6 Mini: There are (3) rules to this class. 1, The mast must be round in section. 2, The tires must be 4.00 x 8.00 maximum. 3, All wheels that touch the ground must do so inside a piece of rope 6mm in diameter and 5.6 meters long.

A complete explanation of the rules for the classes above can be found at http://www.fisly.org/index.php?id=2

Manta Twin: This is a strict one design class and everything on the yacht must come from the factory.

Manta Single: This is a strict one design class and everything on the yacht must come from the factory.


Nalsa class 3: The only rule is a maximum of 79 Sq. Ft. of sail area.
Nalsa class 4: The only rule is a maximum of 59 Sq. Ft. of sail area.
Nalsa class 5: The only rule is a maximum of 49 Sq. ft. of sail area.
Sail area is, the area of the sail, mast, boom and anything that is faired that moves when you tack.

Official Class Grouping and Starting Order

Starting Order: See Start Area Explained

International 5.6 Mini; July 13 to July 15

All other classes; July 15(pm) to July 19

Start 1: Fisly 5/ Standart

Start2: Fisly Cl. 3/Nalsa Cl. 3

Start 3: Manta Twin/ Manta Single

Start 4: Promo/ Nalsa Cl. 5

Start 5: International Cl. 2/ Nalsa Cl. 4

Race Committee Flags meet flag Race over
Race Committee Flags Start postponment
Race Committee Flags PDF Cancelation
2014 Worlds Special Rules 1. Seat belts mandatory
2. No minimum sail area for Cl. 2
3. Different wheels/tires for Standart .
4. No "Orange zone" only an Orange line.This seems to be in flux. See Orange Zone Explained link
5. Different race control flags. All will be explained on line and at pilots meeting. See Start Area Explained link
6. Countries may have more than 10 pilots per class. Each country will designate 10 pilots for their official "Team". Only pilots from this team may be used in the team trophy competition. All pilots would be able to win individual trophies
7. Inclusion of the Manta Twin and Single as official world classes. Enough yachts will be provided so there is at least 5 countries represented in each class.
8. Mandatory pilots meeting every morning before racing.
Boat Modifications Boat Modifications for Dry Lake Sailing PDF download
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