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Landsailing World Championship 2014
General Information
Smith Creek Playa, Nevada USA
Event Access, Camp Layout and Courses

Event dates are July 12 to July 19, 2014
On-site Registration: July 12th
Race dates:International 5.6 Mini, July 13 to 15
Race dates: All others—July 15(pm) to 19
Event schedule PDF

Classes to be Contested: International Class 2
International 5.6 Mini

Manta Twin
Manta Single

Other classes (not World Classes at this time)
Nalsa 3
Nalsa 4
Nalsa 5 (note: not related to FISLY 5)

Special rules:
  1. A seatbelt is mandatory
  2. No minimum sail area for Cl. 2
  3. Different wheels/tires for Standart .
  4. No "Orange zone" only an Orange line.
  5. Different race control flags. All will be explained on line and at pilots meeting
  6. Countries may have more than 10 pilots per class. Each country will designate 10 pilots for their official "Team". Only pilots from this team may be used in the team trophy competition. All pilots would be able to win individual trophies
  7. Inclusion of the Manta Twin and Single as official world classes. Enough yachts will be provided so there is at least 5 countries represented in each class.
  8. Mandatory pilots meeting every morning before racing.
    FISLY Annex 12 (Rules in English, French,German and Spanish) PDF
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