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Dry Lake Differences

What is different about dry lake sailing? (the short version is below)
(Dennis Bassano's detailed version in English, French, German and Spanish PDF)

Rules: We require seatbelts.

Tires: Dry lakes wear tires much faster than beach sand. For big boats, car tires work best. For smaller boats the answers are not so clear. Minis and Promos wear out wheelbarrow tires fairly quickly, but they are cheap and fast.
The jury is still out as to whether the more expensive, much more durable tires that are available are as fast.

Brakes: The claw-type brakes used on the beach, tear up the dry lake surface, and without tides the damage is not healed until the next time the lake fills with water. Wheel brakes or some sort of rubber pad on the claw seems to be the way to go. We almost never use brakes durring actual racing.

See more details in Dennis's PDF

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