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Yacht Transportation


International Yacht Transport:
Containers should be sent to Oakland, CA.
Lester will help with the organization of delivery to Smith Creek Playa and back. If you are not sending your yacht in a container, you can ship your yacht to Lester Robertson and he will receive, store, deliver to the site and back and prepare for shipment home.

I will receive crates of individual landyachts and will store them, and deliver to the playa with my trucks, After the regatta I will return the boats to my storage site and load on your chosen return shipper. Please confirm if you intend to have your yachts shipped to the event this way.
Ship the Crated yachts to:
Lester Robertson Complete Millwork Services
4909 Goni Road Carson City Nevada, 89706
Tel. 775-246-0485 Fax 775-246-7055

Contact Lester for details Les@cmsrno.com


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