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2 August 2014

August edition of CNN’s Mainsail show to feature Landsailing World Championship

The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) has learned that CNN International will air the August edition of its highly-acclaimed global sailing TV show Mainsail, featuring the recently-completed Landsailing World Championship, five times during the month. Dates and times are as follows: 14 August at 0930 and 1630; 16 August at 0730 and 2100; and 17 August at 1630, all local times.

While the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship was held in the U.S. at Smith Creek Playa, near the town of Austin in Northern Nevada, Mainsail is not aired on U.S. television. American audiences should, however, be able to enjoy the show on the Mainsail website on or before 17 August.

The show’s host, two-time Olympic sailing gold medalist Shirley Robertson and her crew spent almost a week in Northern Nevada filming the show. She will introduce her global water sailing audience to land yachting through own her experiences of learning about the sport and actually competing in this major international regatta. Shirley and the competitors representing 15 nations and four continents experienced a full array of wild sailing conditions and the stark beauty and sheer vastness presented by the high desert locale.

NALSA President Dennis Bassano said, “We are very pleased and honored that Shirley chose this regatta to introduce her viewers to our sport. Hers is certainly the largest TV audience ever to see a major land yachting event, and I think they will be amazed by the variety of conditions we faced, the fun we had and the beauty of the area.”

International Federation of Sand and Land Yachts (FISLY) President Alan Watson (Ireland) waxed euphoric about his experiences at the regatta in this statement:

“2014 Land Sailing World Championship.

Where rivalry and national pride is combined with passion and international camaraderie.

Sailors from 4 continents sail hard and fast for World Championship titles in a beautiful location surrounded by dust devils, fantastic sunrises, sunsets and night skies.

Extreme heat, thunder storms and rain combined with all kinds of shifting wind, dust storms or hailstones do not distract these sailors’ focus.

This is extreme sailing; this is Land Sailing, American Style, superbly organized by the North American Landsailing Association (NALSA) in the middle of Smith Creek dry lake Nevada for the worldwide landsailing organization FISLY.

WC 2014 was a spectacular event with spectacular sailing and eternal memories recorded. We thank you, NALSA”

Based on comments from the Mainsail team after they had reviewed their footage, the August edition of the show should be something special and more than live up to the descriptions of the regatta’s wildness, beauty, competitiveness and fun described in Dennis Bassano's and Alan Watson's quotes above.


Photo associated with the press release above. Jean-Philippe Krischer (France), Shirley Robertson and videographer Tim confer prior to filming a sequence for Mainsail. Photo credit: Joanne Chambers.


Video associated with the press release above. This is a fun little video filmed on the actual dry lake surface by Tim with voice-over by Shirley Robertson. Hint: the realMainsail is full scale with full size people and land yachts.



24 July 2014

Final results revised for four classes in 14th Landsailing World Championship

Photos From Worlds, World Championship Video 1, Video 2, Video 3,Video 4, Results

Santa Cruz, California, Thursday, 24 July 2014 - The North American Landsailing Association (NALSA) today announced that the final race results for classes Promo, FISLY 3, Manta Single and Manta Twin previously published on 22 July were incorrect. The revised results for these four classes will be found among the results for the other classes in the first attachment to this press release. 

To provide a full picture of the regatta, the results of the 5.6 Mini Yacht races are also included in a second and third attachments.

FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship Media Coordinator Russ Foster stated, "NALSA sincerely regrets the confusion and inconvenience the incorrect results have caused and hopes this is the final message we need to release regarding them."

Revised race results for Promo, FISLY 3, Manta Single & Manta Twin: see first attachment.

Enjoy Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship photo portfolio via link below: www.carelsphotography.net


20 July 2014

Photos From Worlds, World Championship Video 1, Video 2, Video 3,Video 4, Results

Excitement-laden Landsailing World Championship concludes in Northern Nevada

Smith Creek Playa, near Austin Nevada, Monday, 21 July 2014 - Sailors representing fifteen nations and four continents wrapped up six days of exciting sailing Saturday at the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship at Smith Creek Playa, near Austin, Nevada. During the week, Mother Nature treated the competitors to a full array of conditions, including no wind, light shifty wind, medium winds, strong winds with dust and, on Friday, hail and rain-caused mud.

In the first of two races on Saturday, the Manta Twin and Manta Single classes were challenged by major wind direction and velocity changes and huge reversals of fortune. The latter occurred when the Manta Twin leaders ran into a big hole at the leeward mark on the third lap and were caught by back runners and the leading Manta Singles. Then the wind filled in slightly for the final weather leg to the finish line, only to drop again, leaving the majority of the fleet stranded about 100 meters and more from the finish line before finally limping across the line.

The final dinner, awards presentations and closing ceremony on Saturday evening were no less dramatic; they were held in the large event tent on the dry lake during winds clocked at up to 42 mph. The resulting dust storm inside the tent only added to the list of adversities experienced, and overcome with enthusiasm, by the intrepid sailors.

FISLY President Alan Watson (Ireland) closed the festivities by thanking NALSA and its many volunteers and community supporters for staging this major event in such a beautiful, but challengingly remote, location. Afterwards, the party went on for hours.


PHOTOS associated with the above press release:

Podium photos of the overall top three finishers in each class. Full results showing all participants have been completed and will be sent out in Part 2 of this final press release as soon as they are available in an appropriate format.

Manta Twin: 1. Larry Hatch (US), 2. Duncan Harrison (US), 3. Carl Eberly (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665437

Ladies' Manta Twin: 1. Debbie Kraemer (US), 2. Geraldine Lampert (US), 3. Renee Fields (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665436

Manta Single: 1. Sheila Eberly (US) , 2. Jack Robertson (US), 3. Jim Goss (US):  http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665435                                       

Ladies' Manta Single: 1. Sheila Eberly (US), 2. Mary Robertson (US), 3. Cindy Carter (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665434

International Class 2: 1. Phil Rothrock (US), 2. Alan Wirtanen (US), 3. Nord Embroden (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665432

NALSA Class 4: 1. Keith Ligler (US), 2. Guido Van Rijn (N), 3. Bernard Peirs (B): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665439

NALSA Class 3: 1. Alan Wirtanen (US), 2. Phil Rothrock (US), 3. Lance Hossack (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665438

Standart: 1. Thierry Kaisen (B), 2. Alain Lebrum (B), 3. Francois Garnavault (F): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665443

Ladies' Standart: 1. Morgane Floch (F). 2. Mary Robertson (US), 3. Katoo Demuysere (B): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665442

Promo: 1. Renee Titouan (F), 2. Francois Xavier Fiquet (F), 3. Antoine Gueydan (F): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665441

Ladies' Promo: 1. Charlotte Lambert (F), 2. Clemence Lambert (F), 3. Alexia Kamoen (B): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665440

International Class 3: 1. Dennis Bassano (US), 2. Bernard Peirs (B), 3. Symen Voet (B): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156665433

Dust storm during dinner, awards and closing ceremony:

Dinner a la dust: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156666300

Jean-Phillipe Krischer sketches an idea: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156666302

Belgian team toasts a lull in the dust storm: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156666304

Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish exclusively with articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. 

Link to Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship portfolio: www.carelsphotography.net


18 July 2014

Photos From Worlds, World Championship Video 1, Video 2, Video 3,Video 4, Results

Rain, mud and fluctuating winds impede, but don't halt, sailing at Landsailing World Championship.

Smith Creek Playa, near Austin, Nevada, Friday 18 July, 2014 - Mother Nature served up plenty of variety today at the Landsailing Worlds. The first two races of the day, for Manta Twin and Manta Single classes, were interrupted by rain and some hail after a great start in tricky but good winds. The rain produced slippery, sticky mud on the lake surface, and the two Manta Classes were black flagged and ordered to stop where they were on the course to prevent damage to the dry lake from tire impressions and foot prints.

After a half hour halt to allow the lake surface to dry, racing was resumed in light to medium, shifty winds. All eligible classes were able to complete their minimum of three races to qualify for a World Championship. Saturday will be the final day of racing in this World Championship, and everyone is eager to get back out on Smith Creek Playa for more races before the regatta is concluded.


VIDEO associated with the above press release: http://youtu.be/bwXRlt47tzg Permission to use this video in articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by NALSA. High definition version of this video suitable for TV available next day on request.

PHOTOS associated with the press release:

A part of the regatta village and event tent from above: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156638649 

Bernard Morel (F) FISLY Class 2: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156638650 

Phil Rothrock (US) and Alan Wirtanen (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156638651

Standart start from above: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156638652  

Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish exclusively with articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. 

Link to Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship portfolio: www.carelsphotography.net


17 July 2014

Photos From Worlds, World Championship Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Results

Competition continues at Landsailing Worlds, but with tricky winds and some black-flagged races.

Smith Creek Playa, near Austin, Nevada, Thursday 17 July, 2014 - After a calm morning, wind filled in very quickly in the early afternoon, raising sailors' expectations for steady, strong winds. Instead, the conditions shifted between calm and fairly strong, with shifting wind direction throughout the afternoon, resulting in a number of black-flagged races. Despite the conditions, several classes were able to complete races. 

VIDEO associated with the above press release: http://youtu.be/5yjvd9kqkHY Permission to use this video in articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by NALSA. High definition version of this video suitable for TV available next day on request.

PHOTOS associated with the press release above:

Cindy Carter (US), Sheila Eberly (US) and Shirley Robertson (GB) at daily first presentation for a Wednesday Manta Single race:http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156626372

Promos of Brecht Gravensteyn (B) and Francois Fiquet (F): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156626373

Standarts of Manfred Nielsen (G), Alain Lebrum (B), and Alain Bossee (F):                                                     http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156626374

FISLY Class 5 of Dave Gluek (US): http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156626375 

Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish exclusively with articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. 

Link to Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship portfolio: www.carelsphotography.net



16 JULY 2014

Photos From Worlds, World Championship Video 1, Video 2, Results

Nine land yacht classes enjoy continued good winds at Landsailing World Championship.

Smith Creek Playa, near Austin, Nevada, 16 July, 2014 - With the completion of the International 5.6 Mini Yacht portion of the regatta yesterday, today's action featured nine other classes ranging from small one-design Manta Singles to the sleek and very fast FISLY Class 3 and 2 land yachts.

After light winds in the morning, the velocity built quickly in the afternoon and remained very good for the entire day, enabling most classes to complete two full races. International pilots have quickly learned dry lake sailing and have had good results in most all classes.

Everyone is hoping for continuing good winds during the final three days of the regatta, which ends on Saturday.


VIDEO associated with the above press release: http://youtu.be/8OljQDgWVUc Permission to use this video in articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by NALSA. High definition version of this video suitable for TV available next day on request.

PHOTOS associated with the press release above:

Pilots briefing for Manta Twin class, largest fleet in the regatta: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156612345

Manta Twin starting lineup: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156612346

Phil Rothrock gets a push start in FISLY Class 2: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156612347

Rothrock's yacht "Arthur A" in action: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156612348

Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish exclusively with articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. 

Link to Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship portfolio: www.carelsphotography.net

15 JULY 2014

5.6 Mini Yacht Championship decided, and other classes begin competition, at Landsailing Worlds

Smith Creek Playa, near Austin, Nevada, USA, 15 July, 2014 - John Eisenlohr, from tiny Lakeside, Montana prevailed in the intensely competitive 5.6 Mini Yacht class that comprised the first phase of the 14th Landsailing World Championship being held at this remote site in Northern Nevada. Eisenlohr's win was a popular one, as he sailed a clean, uncontroversial race in a home-built land yacht of his own design against formidable international competition. Moreover, he temporarily disproved this reporter's claim, made yesterday, that the Mini yacht class was evolving into an expensive arms race. Eisenlohr's yacht features parts he found at local home supply stores, not purpose-built marine hardware. He is doing a great job of showing that a home builder with innovative ideas and excellent sailing skills can still do well against exotic professionally-developed machinery sailed by highly skilled international sailors. 

Meanwhile, in the late afternoon following the conclusion of the Mini Yacht regatta, the many other classes in the World Championship started their racing. Results of some of these initial races are attached. The regatta for these other classes will continue through Saturday, 19 July.


VIDEO associated with the above press release: http://youtu.be/DKkZ_jMK9dU Permission to use this video in articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by NALSA. High definition version of this video suitable for TV available next day on request.

PHOTOS associated with the press release above:

Jean-Philippe Krischer (France), 5.6 Mini class: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156598295

John Eisenlohr (USA) 5.6 Mini class winner: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156598299

5.6 Mini Yacht class awards: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/image/156598297

Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish exclusively with articles regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. 

Link to Walter Carels' complete 2014 Landsailing World Championship portfolio: www.carelsphotography.net



5 JULY 2014


On Saturday afternoon 12 July, the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship will officially be opened in a ceremony at Smith Creek Playa near the town of Austin in Northern Nevada. Pilots (sailors) representing 15 countries and 4 continents with over 200 land yachts will be traveling to Smith Creek via various modes of transportation. Many international entrants will travel by airplane, then rent vehicles and drive to the playa and unpack their land yachts from containers shipped weeks earlier from their respective countries.

The Frog Sails crew is taking a different approach. They shipped their famous team bus from Germany by ship, picked it up in Baltimore and are heading west across the country to Smith Creek. The team has a rigorous diet program. The photo in the link below shows team captain Kai-Uwe Ilts barbecuing dinner for the entire nine-person Frog Sails team in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Pittsburg: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/q75/s480x480/10522774_10201110485763821_5232875465098437300_n.jpg

Regardless of their mode of transportation, everyone will eventually see the vastness of the American West, as shown in this photo: http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv65%3B%3B%3Dot%3E2%3C34%3D576%3D349%3DXROQDF%3E2856639%3A45258ot1lsi   Photo credit: Steve Stevens III.

Meanwhile, the regatta village is being set up this coming week by a large cadre of volunteers. It has been a massive effort to create the village and the regatta infrastructure in such a remote location, but everything is coming together. NALSA is looking forward to welcoming the regatta competitors and their families and friends, our sponsors and guests and the media to this exciting event. More information at:http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Splash.html  


In a solemn and touching tribute, the Belgian Federation has dedicated its team's participation in this Landsailing World Championship to an American soldier from Nevada, Edward R. Smith, Private First Class, U.S. Army, who died in the "Great War" on 31 October 1918 and is buried at Flanders Field American Cemetery in Waregem, Belgium. The full text of this much-appreciated and very moving dedication, "The Man From Nevada" can be found as an attachment to this newsletter. Thank you so much, Team Belgium!


NALSA sincerely thanks its sponsors, including generous individuals and public and private entities, without whose financial and in-kind contributions the 14th Landsailing World Championship could not have been held. The following link lists our sponsors and most of their logos, if they have one: http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Pages/Thanx2Sponsors.html


Lester Robertson reports that, after some concerns about shipping delays, international teams' containers have arrived, or should arrive, in time for the regatta. The Chilean and New Zealand yachts are already in Nevada. The Belgian container is expected in Nevada in the next few days, and the French container is in the U.S. and is on its way by rail to Salt Lake City, from which it will be trucked to Nevada. 


As we said in the previous newsletter, both NALSA's video team, THS-Visuals, and the CNN Mainsail team strongly felt that a top-notch professional video drone team could really enhance the coverage of the regatta if funding were available. NALSA member Frank Marsh and his M & W Engineering stepped forward and kindly sponsored NALSA's half of the drone service, which will be provided by Sierra Light Production of Mammoth Lakes, California. Moreover, Frank also contributed a paid-for, but unused, room at the Paradise Ranch Castle B & B to help house the drone team members. Many thanks from NALSA, Frank!


Those who have watched the monthly editions of CNN International's Mainsail TV sailing show know that host Shirley Robertson likes to take her viewers "along on a voyage of discovery" about the subject or event she is covering and then do some sailing herself if possible. While the final format for her show on the Worlds is still being developed, it's pretty certain she will want to be filmed getting instruction in land yachting and then participate in some races. The current thinking is that the Manta Twin would be a good vehicle for the instruction part and that she could show her viewers what it's like to do some one-design racing in a Manta Single. Melanie Wirtanen has kindly offered to loan Shirley her Single, but we need someone to come forward and offer a Twin for the instruction portion of the show, which could take place in the Training Area during the 5.6 Mini regatta. Volunteers, anyone?


Blake Learmonth is preparing a two-page information sheet that will be available in a box constructed by Glenn Barclay located on the access road to Smith Creek Playa just off state road 722. It will contain (1) information about the playa, (2) a map of the lake & some safe driving info and (3) the camp etiquette information. Thanks Blake and Glenn!


That's about it for now, folks. Have a safe trip to the regatta!

5 June


The FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship (to be held 12-19 July 2014 near Austin, Nevada) is shaping up to be a terrific, fun event. Sailors representing 15 countries and four continents are registered as of this date. The planning and logistics necessary to put on an event of this magnitude, in perhaps the most remote location of any world championship in any sport, are quite extraordinary. It's all coming together, however, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the many volunteers involved and those who have kindly contributed sponsorship funding and in-kind donations.

Information on the actual racing schedule, rules and courses will be (1) posted on the NALSA Worlds web page, (2) in written instructions provided to pilots at registration and (3) updated daily at the morning pilots' meeting. 

Following is information on various non-racing subjects that we hope will be helpful to regatta entrants, their families, our sponsors and volunteers, the media covering the event and spectators. More information is at: http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Splash.html


2014 Worlds sponsor Atlantis Casino-Resort-Spa Reno is a great location for some rest and relaxation after or before a long flight or to use as a central launching point for day trips in the Reno-Tahoe area and Northern Nevada in general. See their attractive offers at the Atlantis website here: http://www.atlantiscasino.com/landing-pages/land-yacht-world-championships


If you're driving from Reno to Smith Creek, the Safeway at 890 W. Williams in Fallon (775-428-2330) is a good place to pick up food, and the Walmart Supercenter at 2333 Reno Highway (Hwy 50), also in Fallon, can be a one-stop shop for water, sunscreen and a wide variety of supplies. If you are in an RV and need to stop midway between Reno and Smith Creek, Fallon RV Park at 5787 Reno Highway (Hwy 50) is clean and adequate. (fallonrv@gmail.com). If you're driving a motorhome back from Smith Creek, a great place to thoroughly wash the outside of it is Top Gun Car Wash at 561 N. Maine St. at the eastern end of Fallon. There are two Top Gun locations in Fallon, but this one has the highest bays for standing on the roof of tall RVs.


This historic roadhouse and motel near the western intersection of Highway 50 and Nevada road 722 is on the site of a former Pony Express station. They are famous for their hamburgers. It's also good for getting a first taste of the Old West.


This is an historic old former mining town, set in a mountain valley on Highway 50. Austin is the nearest town to the regatta site and has fuel, restaurants, bars, gift shops, ice, RV parks, ATMs, a self-serve laundry and lodging. The citizens of Austin have been extremely supportive of NALSA's major undertaking to host this 14th Landsailing World Championship, and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce is one our important sponsors. Our big barbeque in Austin on Tuesday 15 July will be a great chance for those of us who are not staying in Austin proper during the regatta to thank the people of Austin for all their help. Town of Austin website: http://austinnevada.com/


If you are traveling west on Highway 50 to the regatta from Colorado or Utah, you might consider staying at Miles End Bed and Breakfast in Kingston, which is 15 miles east of Austin. More information is here: http://www.milesendbnb.com/


Everyone arriving at Smith Creek is advised that desert playas (dry lakes) are fragile ecosystems and deserve our care. There will be a box with hand bills at the intersection of Nevada 722 and the entrance road to the lake. These handbills will have driving instructions to the regatta village out on the lake (30 mph motor vehicle speed limit), a map of the village and parking areas and a list of camp etiquette. Please adhere to these instructions.


On Saturday evening 12 July, following the official opening ceremony of the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship and a NALSA-sponsored dinner, the fire dancing group "Controlled Burn" will perform its exciting nighttime show featuring athleticism, exotic costumes and feats of daring using fire wands and other devices. See more info here: http://controlledburnreno.com/


Theme night is a Land Yachting World Championship tradition, and this Worlds will be no different. Because we will be in the famous American West, we ask that everyone dress as his/her favorite western character or movie star. Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable come to mind because of the 1961 film The Misfits, partially filmed on Misfits Flat, a dry lake near Stagecoach NV, now the current landsailing test venue for the Robertson family. No wonder they're so fast! Theme night currently is scheduled for Thursday.


This is a tradition of the annual In Search for the Holy Gale regatta. Even though the World Championship will be held in lieu of the Gale this year, the raffle will go on as usual in support of the Worlds. Each family is asked to donate an item worth US $25.00 or more that THEY would like to win, not something they just want to discard. Items can be new or used but, if used, they must be in very good condition and desireable. We will understand if international entrants cannot bring raffle items with them. Raffle tickets are US $1.00 each, with one exception: Bert Crawford has kindly donated his race-ready Manta Twin landsailer! For that item, there will be special ticket pricing. Questions? Contact Rainy Bassano at drbassano@gmail.com


NALSA will host catered dinners on (1) Saturday 12 July at Smith Creek after the opening ceremony, (2) Tuesday 15 July in the town of Austin at the 5.6 Mini Yacht awards presentation and (3) Saturday 19 July at Smith Creek in conjunction with the awards presentation for all the non-Mini classes. Pilots' dinners are included with their entry fees. Tickets to these three dinners for all other individuals will be available during registration and should be purchased at that time on a first come/first served basis.

Our caterers will provide continental breakfast and lunches for purchase. While there will be a number of small informal parties and dinners each night on the lake hosted by individuals and U.S. landyacht clubs, everyone should plan to provide adequate food and water for themselves. Volunteers will make supply runs to town for things like ice and emergency items, but they will not have sufficient carrying capacity to transport large quantities of food that people neglected to bring themselves. 


Continuing our Western theme, NALSA has asked a favorite Northern California country band, Miss Lonely Hearts, to perform for regatta entrants and guests on Tuesday night at the barbecue in Austin and at Smith Creek Playa on Wednesday night. Git yer dancin' shoes on and enjoy the sounds!


Since Smith Creek is so remote, the cellular service there currently will not support too much data upload speed. Therefore, one of our NALSA members is working to set up a microwave connection to a fast internet node some miles away that can provide good service in the regatta village via WIFI. This should allow users of all types of smart phones, tablets and computers to access e-mail via WIFI.

As a result, NALSA should be able to send nightly press releases containing a story, photos, video, and race results to our 300+ addressee e-mail list. We also hope to upload the same information to the NALSA Facebook page if the connection at the lake is fast enough..


NALSA has hired a professional videography firm, THS-Visuals, to film and edit an exciting 15-20 minute documentary video of the regatta and to provide five 1-2 minute video clips of the day's highlights from Monday through Friday, to be used in nightly press releases directly from Smith Creek. The documentary video, on DVD in the appropriate country format, will be available a number of weeks after the regatta. The video will be included with each pilot's entry and available for purchase by others for US $25.00 each, plus shipping. Following is a link to a sample of THS-Visuals' work, with an Old West music theme: http://youtu.be/Gc8k60k5Gmg


NALSA's original budget did not contemplate professional-level aerial drone videography that would be suitable for use by our own professional videographers and CNN International's Mainsail team, who will film the regatta for their August show. Both video teams feel that aerial drone videography would add a lot to their coverage of the event. Therefore, we are seeking sponsors for NALSA's share of the cost of bringing a top-notch aerial videography team to the regatta for several days. We have identified a team and believe the cost would be approximately $1500 for the NALSA half of the work. Interested donors are invited to contact Russ Foster, NALSA Media Coordinator, at nalsa.landsailing@gmail.com or (+1) 408-313-6811.


Seagull chars a voile have kindly agreed to sponsor Walter Carels' World Championship 2014 photo collection, meaning it will be included with the pilots' entry fee for the Worlds. The photo collection in CD format (or, if the pilot selects it, file transfer via WeTransfer) will be distributed some weeks after the event. Thank you very much, Jean-Philippe Krischer! Your generosity is appreciated by all. Examples of Walter's work can be seen here: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/bo2013


A dozen pilots have volunteered to allow Sponsor-A-Yacht stickers to be affixed to the sail or fuselage of their yachts. These stickers are approximately 14"H X 30" L or 20" X 20", depending on the aspect ratio of the sponsor's logo, and will be on both sides of the sail or fuselage. The S-A-Y program gives sponsors' logos exposure to an international audience via the still photography and videography that will take place at the Worlds and be sent out to various media. Following is the list of volunteer pilots so far: Phil Augustin (Fisly 3), John Eisenlohr (Mini), Will Eisenlohr (ST-49), Nord Embroden (Legend), Russ Foster (Manta Single), Mark Harris (Manta Single and Twin), Keith Ligler, CL 2), Curtis Obi (Manta Single & Twin), Phil Rothrock (CL 2), Ken Smith (Manta Twin & Mini), Susie Snyder (Manta Single), Alan Wirtanen (on fuselage only) and Dan Zuffuto (Manta Twin).

Other pilots interested in volunteering their yachts for S-A-Y are asked to contact Russ Foster at nalsa.landsailing@gmail.com or (+1) 408-313-6811.


If you know any business that would like its logo displayed on a regatta yacht, now is the time to act. The yachts with S-A-Y stickers on their sail or fuselage will get special attention from our photographer and videographer and have a good chance of being seen internationally as a result of our nightly press releases from Smith Creek. So, let your friends with businesses that might benefit from this know about the program. One more time, here is a summary of Sponsor-A-Yacht benefits:



  1. The organization’s name and logo on two large 14” X 30” or 20” X 20” full color stickers attached to both sides of the sail of a yacht competing in the World Championship regatta in July.
  2. A large framed photo of the yacht in action by Belgium’s Walter Carels who is famous for his landsailing photos. See samples of Walter’s work: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/bo2013
  3. Professional video footage of the yacht in action by THS-Visuals. See an example of their work here: http://youtu.be/Gc8k60k5Gmg
  4. Recognition of the organization’s support of the regatta on a 1/10 page (business-card size) ad in the event’s printed program.
  5. Recognition of the organization’s support of the regatta on NALSA’s web site and Facebook page.

This link shows a Sponsor-A-Yacht sail sticker. Your organization’s stickers would not be cluttered by the verbiage above and below the one shown in the photo, which is a promotional example.

This link is to a press release that tells the story of the creation of the Sponsor-A-Yacht program and has additional information about it.

For more information or to sign up for Sponsor-A-Yacht, contact Mary Robertson in Carson City, Nevada at: landsailingsponsors2014@gmail.com


The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) and its member land yachting clubs look forward to welcoming all pilots, their families and friends, our sponsors, members of the media and spectators to the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship at Smith Creek Playa 12-19 July. Opening ceremony is in the afternoon of Saturday, 12 July, 2014.

Best regards,

Russ Foster

Member, FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship Organizing Committee



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CNN International sailing show Mainsail to film Landsailing World Championship

Santa Cruz, CA, USA, May 15, 2014 – The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) announced today that Shirley Robertson, OBE, two-time Olympic gold medalist and host of CNN International’s acclaimed monthly sailing show Mainsail and her crew, will film the Landsailing World Championship in July for the August show.

Mainsail is aired monthly on CNNI and features dynamic footage of Shirley helming and commenting on unique and high performance sailing craft in exotic venues around the globe. She complements the exciting sailing action with in-depth interviews of leading practitioners of the sport of sailing, creating fascinating stories.

NALSA’s President Dennis Bassano said, “We are excited and honored that Shirley will be joining us at the Worlds and giving her large global audience of mainly water sailing enthusiasts the opportunity to see top land yacht sailors and their craft in action. We understand she may be interested in giving the racing a go also, which would be great”.

Sailors representing 15 countries and 4 continents currently are registered for the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship, which will be hosted by NALSA and held July 12th-19th at Smith Creek Playa, near the town of Austin in Northern Nevada, USA. NALSA is the U.S. affiliate of FISLY, the International Federation of Sand and Land Yachts.

“We are extremely happy that CNN International will be at the Worlds,” commented Russ Foster, NALSA’s Landsailing World Championship Media Coordinator. “The show’s in-depth, story telling style should allow Mainsail’s audience to get a real sense of the sport’s appeal.”

NALSA will have its own professional video coverage, which will be featured in some of its planned nightly multimedia press releases from the regatta venue. After the regatta, NALSA will edit its best footage into a documentary for its sponsors and the regatta sailors.

"NALSA’s video coverage of the regatta will be complemented by the still photography of Belgium’s renowned land yachting photographer Walter Carels,” Foster continued. “Walter will be selecting and uploading his images nightly for viewing on his website and in our nightly NALSA press releases from Smith Creek Playa”.


The Mainsail website. Video and photo credits: CNNI. Permission to utilize content exclusively in articles based on the press release above regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: CNN International. http://edition.cnn.com/CNNI/Programs/main.sail/

Shirley Robertson’s home page. Video and photo credits: Shirley Robertson.com. Permission to utilize content exclusively in articles based on the press release above regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship granted by: Shirleyrobertson.com. http://shirleyrobertson.com/

Walter Carels’ website “Best of 2013” page. Photo credits: Carels Photography, Belgium. Permission to publish content exclusively in articles based on the press release above regarding the 14th Landsailing World Championship, if watermark (logo) is retained, granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/bo2013


18 April, 2014

Adversity created popular 40 year-old one-design land yacht class.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA, April 16, 2014 – The infamous 1973/74 Oil Embargo caused a big problem for Oakland, California-based hang glider manufacturers Alan Dimen and Russ Thompson. In late 1973, the shortages and rising prices of gasoline and the resulting uncertainty caused many customers to suddenly stop buying their popular Manta hang gliders. Faced with rapidly-declining sales and a big stock of the aircraft tubing and parts used in the gliders, they needed a new product – and quickly!

Thus was born the Manta Winjammer land yacht, now commonly called the Manta Single. First produced in early 1974, it is arguably the oldest continuously-manufactured one-design land yacht in the world. Its aircraft-like quality, light weight, portability, ruggedness, ease of use and reasonable cost made it popular from the outset. In the early days, hundreds were produced, and many were shipped to international customers.

The design will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year and be featured as a one-design class at the FISLY-NALSA 14TH Landsailing World Championship (the Worlds) to be held July 12-19, 2014 at Smith Creek Playa near the town of Austin in Northern Nevada. NALSA, the North American Land Sailing Association, will host the event and is the U.S. Affiliate of FISLY, the International Federation of Sand and Land Yachts, the world governing body for competitive land sailing. One design classes must adhere to strict “as-built-by-the-factory” specifications and emphasize sailor (pilot) ability, not experimental design. They are popular because the designs are constant, offer a pure test of sailing ability and do not create an expensive innovation “arms race”.

While the Manta Single has enjoyed steady but moderate sales, its popular two-seater sibling, the Twinjammer (Manta Twin) introduced in 1976 and also a one-design, has outsold the Single by a 10-to-1 ratio for many years and regularly fields the largest fleets at U.S. landsailing regattas.

The Manta Twins are expected to vie with a new development (experimental) class, the International 5.6 Mini, for largest fleet at the regatta. At the Worlds, Manta Singles and Twins will both play important roles as charter yachts for international competitors who are unable to bring their own land yachts but want to sail in the regatta. The competition is expected to be fierce in both classes, with skilled contestants from a number of countries sailing essentially identical land yachts.


18 MARCH 2014

Carels Photography named Official Photographer of the Landsailing World Championship 2014.

NALSA is proud to announce that Walter Carels, popular photographer of land yachting and other exciting events, will be at Smith Creek in July to photograph the regatta. We know this will be a popular decision and look forward to welcoming Walter to the wide open spaces of the American West. The following link shows examples of the great work Walter does: http://www.pbase.com/waltercarels/bo2013

Update on accommodations for the Worlds

Entrants are reminded to Contact Jim Goss regarding their accommodations for the World Championship. Jim has arranged for various types of housing, including motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, ranch housing, on-lake housing (filling up fast) and other interesting historic housing. The following link to the NALSA web site gives information on some of the housing and also Jim’s contact information: http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Pages/Accomodations.html

Reminder: the deadline for early registration is 11 April!

After this date, the registration fee will be approximately 50% higher because of the complexity and cost of adding additional participants to the various activities at remote Smith Creek Playa. Following is the link to the NALSA Worlds registration page: http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Pages/RegistrationForm.html

Sponsor-A-Yacht Program

NALSA has recently introduced this program whereby for US $1250 sponsors can have their company name and logo displayed on large sail labels on a land yacht competing in the World Championship and also get a professional photograph of the yacht in action for marketing or office decoration purposes. If you know of a friend or associate whose business might be interested in this program, please get in touch with Mary Robertson, whose contact information is in the following link describing the program in more detail: http://www.nalsa.org/Worlds2014Pages/worldspressreleases.html

See you at Smith Creek in July!



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