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Sponsor-a-Yacht Program

NALSA offers Landsailing World Championship sponsorship plan for frugal businesses

Santa Cruz, CA, USA, March 3, 2014 – The North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA) today announced a new sponsorship option for small businesses and other cost-conscious entities desiring to support the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship to be held July 12-19th, 2014 at Smith Creek Playa, near the Town of Austin in Northern Nevada, USA.

Nicknamed “Sponsor-A-Yacht”, the new program is designed to be affordable by organizations with smaller sponsorship budgets. Glenn Monahan, NALSA Sponsorship Coordinator, stated, “One of our members received an inquiry from a potential sponsor asking the minimum gift amount that could put her company’s name and logo on a yacht sail. We researched it and determined that, for a gift of US$1250, we could provide (1) two large labels with the sponsor’s name and logo (if applicable) for display on one yacht’s hull or sail and (2) a nice framed photo of the yacht in action at the regatta. We can do this and still utilize 80% or more of the gift amount to support the event.”

Monahan continued, “While having large sponsor logos on a yacht doesn’t guarantee the yacht will be featured in video footage as our higher levels of sponsorship imply, it certainly enhances the opportunity for a sponsor’s signage to be seen in some exciting third party footage, still photos and possibly TV.”

Effective immediately, NALSA’s Sponsor Benefits Summary (see first link below) has been modified with the addition of the “Steel” level of support, which includes a new Benefit #9, the Sponsor-A-Yacht program. Mary Robertson, well known multiple-time NALSA champion landsailor has volunteered to coordinate the program. Interested prospective sponsors can contact Mary by e-mail in Carson City, Nevada at

In the second link below, prospective sponsors can view NALSA’s Media Plan and see how the regatta is being actively promoted before and during the event.


Sponsor Benefits Summary, FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship 2014

Media Plan, FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship 2014

Photo of Mary Robertson, NALSA Sponsor-A-Yacht Program Coordinator, on the starting line at Smith Creek Playa with her Standart class land yacht. Photo Credit: Duncan Harrison, USA.

For further information about the press release above or the background information below, please contact Russ Foster, NALSA Media Coordinator at or (+1) 408-313-6811       

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