Last Updated December 22, 2020
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Landsailing Events

Pandemic note:

In the spirit of promoting the sport of landsailing, NALSA has, for years, published announcements for both NALSA sanctioned events and the various gatherings and get togethers of landsailing clubs and groups.

As mentioned on the home page, there are no NALSA sanctioned events happening 2020.

Items below are listed to let you know what may still be happening. Most events will be modified to accommodate social distancing. Small gatherings may be published here or may be promoted by word of mouth. In any case, if you attend a landsailing event or gathering or field trip... please check out the local Covid 19 restrictions as they may be different from those in your home town.

If you are sick or have have been exposed to groups of people who are not practicing reasonable social distancing, please stay home! We can't afford to lose any landsailors!


Nalsa Cup Series (Suspended for 2020)
More information



America's Landsailing Cup
March 21-27, 2021.
Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA
, Race Notice 2019, Schedule 2019, Entry Form 2020 (PDF) (DOCX) (Pay with PayPal)(results 2019) Forms and announcements will be updated as the world calms down.

America's premier landsailing event. Several days of exciting racing and a great time to meet landsailors and see landsailers (aka "dirtboats") from all over the US and often other countries as well. Ivanpah Wind forcast.
ContactNALSA President

Details on Ivanpah Dry Lake (and good advice for most dry lakes)
Where to Stay:  Primm Valley Resort has three Casinos. Whiskey Pete's is usally the least expensive although they all are very reasonable.  The Primm Valley Casino reservation number is 888-774-6668 . Motor homes and camping trailers generally can get onto the lake with only moderate difficulty.  Camping on the lake in a tent is do-able but dusty (and some years, really cold).

Getting to the site: Get off I-15 at Primm (about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NV).  Go NE toward the Primmadona, Turn right at the first light and drive along the edge of the resort (SW) past to the Lotto Store where the road turns SE. About 100 yards past the Lotto Store the road bends around to the left  and there is a dirt road going through the fence on the right.  Follow that dirt road 3+ miles along the east edge of the lake to camp (Camp is usually very close to N35 deg 33’, W115 deg, 23’ although it moves from time to time depending on conditions and the preferences of event organizers). 

Notes:  Do not take the dirt road that runs SE along the fence.  There is often a wash just past the fence that may be difficult for some vehicles.   A little shovel work goes a long way. 

Note to spectators/free sailors: The ALC is a permitted event, NALSA has permission to use the lake for our actvivities and racing. We welcome spectators, but expect those folks to obey the same rules we have to obey. Particularly, no speeding (15MPH max) through camp and no sailing through camp in landsailers or kite buggies. Additionally, it is critiacally important as a safety issue that non-racers, regardless of club afiliation, stay far away from the race course anytime the NALSA races are staging or running. This applies to members of other clubs who show up early for their events. Speeding tickets have been issued and rangers may ask you to move your campsites or leave the lake entirely if compliance becomes an issue.

U.S.M.Y.A. 6.7 Nationals and an International Class Fisly 5 Shoot-Out

April 26-30, 2021, Delamar Playa, Nevada

Everyone welcome, Custom Participant Plaques awarded. No entry fee. Directions: Turn onto Alamo Canyon Road, off of U.S. Highway # 93. Alamo Canyon Road is 2.3 miles south of Alamo, Nevada. Stay on main dirt road for approximately 14 miles to the playa. Gathering site will be located on the southeast side of the playa. Accommodations available in Alamo Nevada.. Info: (858) 272-5656 or (702) 492- 0137


Cow to Cow (a perpetual annual gathering)

(Memorial Day Weekend) 2021 Smith Creek Nevada (possible Ivanpah/Alkali back-up plan).  

The Cow to Cow at Smith Creek is a perpetual, family gathering over memorial weekend with fun sailing, eating and I’m sure a few libations. An opportunity for testing and tuning yachts in preparation for the Holy Gale... We hope to see a couple of big boats also! Going to be a good time as always! Typically, different groups, NALSA folks, Bolkarters, US Mini association, and just folks with landsailors, camp in various locations, usually enough people to find easily. Weather and playa conditions can be quite variable; as with all playas, never drive(or sail) into dark or wet areas. Wet playas are incredibly slippery! 2wd vehicles can become stuck in even slightly wet areas. Also damage to the playa often results and can take years to "heal." There are no facilities, trash cans, porta-potties... on the playa so plan to be self contained and pack out your trash. Nearest gas, motel and convenience store is in Austin apx. 45 minutes away. Use extreme caution if you arrive in the dark.
Info: Renee, 775.721.7538 Google map to access road off HWY 722.


Holy Gale
Late June , 2021 at Blackrock Desert, Nevada

The Gale will take place on the usual Gale site on Black Rock Desert. From Gerlach, take County Road 34 two miles northeast to the Two Mile Exit. Once on the playa, go down the right side of the desert and stay on the well traveled road. About 10 miles out the road passes between Dead Dog Dunes. These are recognizable by the split rail fence around each one. Continue straight for about 5 miles and you should see sail camp. Coordinates are on or about 40°47'53.98"N 119° 7'51.25"W Thank you in advance for the extra efforts required of you this year. All questions should be directed to Gale Director John Bogard at planetxpottery at gmail or 775-442-1919.


The BBC - Big Boat Coalition (not restricted to big boats!)

September-October, 2021. —Alvord Desert, Oregon|

This week-long informal gathering at the Alvord Desert in Oregon.  It's a great time to bring your yacht out and tune it up against some of the best.  Since there is no official racing (or any other program for that matter) feel free to come and go as best fits your schedule.  Just show up! Great, big, interesting playa and some of the best sunsets anywhere. Nice hot and cold springs near playa.Seems to also be a Mini Skeeter gathering as well as an e-bike rally. People often show up a few days early and may stay late.
Contact: Phil Rothrock


U.S. Mini Yacht Association presents the Monte Cristo Playa Nevada.
Oct 22 – 24,   2021 Monte Cristo Playa (also known as Kibby Flat).  
Open to all dirt boaters.  Be one of the first dirt boaters to sail on her. Drive north on U.S. # 95 from Tonopah approx. 20 miles.  Look for pink ribbon and arrows at a well marked cattle crossing ( 38 Degrees 07' 29 .45 " N ) ( 117 Degrees 34 " 50.78 " W ).  Turn right onto a very good dirt road, travel 20 .6 miles to the playa.  Along the way there are several forks in the road that will be very well marked for direction.  Camping is recommended. So bring your phones and cameras because this is a first for this playa
Into:   (702) 402-0137   (858) 272- 5656 


Please send info on upcoming events to



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