Coming Soon to a Dry Lake Near You
(or maybe not so near...)

Proposed events:
1. Memorial Day, May, Nord Nationals at Delamar
2. Holy Gale Smith Creek (Sassass)
3. Labor Day, September Pony Express at Smith Creek (Sierra)
4. Alvord, October, Big Boat Coalition (a Moose event?)
5. Thanksgiving Cup, November, Ivanpah
6. Presidents’ Day, February, Nord, at El Mirage
7. America’s Cup, March, NALSA

Last Updated May 23, 2017
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Upcoming Landsailing Events





Misfit Flat 2017
Stagecoach, NV
Ongoing events: schedule
(still going on...)


U.S. Mini Yacht Association Alkali Dry Lake
May 27-29, 2017 (Memorial Day)
Alkali Hard Pan - South of Tonopah. Google Map. No entree fee, custom participation plaques, open to all small yachts classes, accommodations available in Tonopah Nevada

Info: (702) 492-0137




Nord Nationals at Delamar Dry Lake (Please read Map/Directions! New Information)
May 27-29 2017 First in the NALSA Cup Series (Memorial Day)

Nord says, "The Nationals are coming to Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada.  This will be a great adventure with high altitude racing around an island.  I hope you will join us for the fun. This will be the first event in the NALSA yearly circuit.." (Also known as the NALSA Cup Series) Map/Directions | Entry Form | Waiver Form | Event Brochure | Desert Torotise Info

Cow to Cow at Smith Creek,NV (canceled so we don't have competing events)
May, 2017

The Cow to Cow this Memorial Day weekend.

Holy Gale
June 14-17, 2017 at Smith Creek Dry Lake, Nevada
In Search of the Holy Gale 2017
Clarity has come to our situation. A variety of factors, most importantly the realities of the 180-day-advance permitting process mandated by the BLM, have led us to choose Smith Creek for the Holy Gale this year. The dates are posted above with the usual three days of racing commencing on Wed, June 14th and finishing on Friday, with a possible Enduro or make-up day on Saturday the 17th.
The Raffle Council has asked me to remind you all that we'll be hosting a SASSASS Raffle again this year, so please bring something nice that you yourself would like to win to contribute to the event. Remember that your donations to the Raffle and the tickets you buy support the club and the Holy Gale.​​
Contact Warren or Mike
Warren Sampson +1 (831) 750-5034

U.S. Mini Yacht Association

September 2-4, 2017 (Labor Day) Tule Valley, UT(Death Hard Pan)
Drive South on NV Hwy 50 from Ely NV. Stay on Hwy 50 and cross over into Utah. Travel East approximately 40 miles on Hwy 50, watch for a bunch of Fluro Pink ribbons and Arrows on the right side of highway. Turn right off Hwy 50, travel South on ‘Good Dirt’ road for approximately 4 miles to the playa. Playa’s entrance will be marked with Fluro Pink ribbons and Arrows. No entry fee, custom participation plaques, open to all small yacht classes. Accommodations available at the Border Inn (775 234-7300). Services available at the Inn include: Food, Gas, Bar & Casino. Playa camping recommended. Event Information: (702) 492-0137 or

European Sandyacht Championships
Ireland September 9-15


U.S. Mini Yacht Association

October 7-9, 2017 (Columbus Day) Bonnie Claire Hard Pan, NV
Turn off of Nevada Highway # 95 north of Beatty onto Highway # 267 ( Scotty’s Castle Junction ) travel 10.6 miles to playa turn off which is on the north side of the highway. Note : At Scotty’s Junction, a road sign will indicate a road closure on Highway # 267, 21 miles up the road . The playa is 10.6 miles up the road , No problem . No fees and all yachts are welcome to enjoy this great playa . Accommodations available in Beatty . Info : (702) 492. 0137 swareatv

BBC The BBC - Big Boat Coalition

October1-7 2017. —Alvord Desert, Oregon

This week-long informal gathering at the Alvord Desert in Oregon.  It's a great time to bring your yacht out and tune it up against some of the best.  Since there is no official racing (or any other program for that matter) feel free to come and go as best fits your schedule.  Just show up! Great, big, interesting playa and some of the best sunsets anywhere. People often show up a few days early and may stay late.
Contact: Phil Rothrock

November Cup Nov, 2017
Thanksgiving week, Ivanpah, CA practice and informal racing (racing Thrus - Sat).


America's Landsailing Cup
March 24-31, 2018. (racing 25th to 30th)
Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA
, Race Notice 2017, Schedule 2017, Entry Form 2018 (PDF) (DOCX) (Pay with PayPal)


Dinner Sunday, free for pilots guests $20

America's premier landsailing event. Several days of exciting racing and a great time to meet landsailors and see landsailers (aka "dirtboats") from all over the US and often other countries as well. Ivanpah Wind forcast.
ContactNALSA President

"Charter boat program" Pilots from other countries that are planning on attending AC can arrange to charter a boat for the event. Please contact Lester Robertson at as soon as possible.
LENDERS NEEDED. If you have a Manta Twin/ Single or a Fed 5 and are willing to let your boat be chartered please contact Lester Robertson at
International Radio Controlled Surface Sailing Association (see: announces it's regattas of model land yachts at the same week as the Pacrim races. Interested parties please contact our President Bob Costa at:

Details on Ivanpah Dry Lake (and good advice for most dry lakes)
Where to Stay:  Primm Valley Resort has three Casinos. Whiskey Pete's is usally the least expensive although they all are very reasonable.  The Primm Valley Casino reservation number is 888-774-6668 . Motor homes and camping trailers generally can get onto the lake with only moderate difficulty.  Camping on the lake in a tent is do-able but dusty (and some years, really cold).

Getting to the site: Get off I-15 at Primm (about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas, NV).  Go NE toward the Primmadona, Turn right at the first light and drive along the edge of the resort (SW) past to the Lotto Store where the road turns SE. About 100 yards past the Lotto Store the road bends around to the left  and there is a dirt road going through the fence on the right.  Follow that dirt road 3+ miles along the east edge of the lake to camp (Camp is usually very close to N35 deg 33’, W115 deg, 23’ although it moves from time to time depending on conditions and the preferences of event organizers). 

Notes:  Do not take the dirt road that runs SE along the fence.  There is often a wash just past the fence that may be difficult for some vehicles.   A little shovel work goes a long way. 


Contact Dennis El Mirage map, weather, Wind Wizards

Cow to Cow at Smith Creek,NV (canceled)
May, 2017

The Cow to Cow this Memorial Day weekend.
Directions to Smith Creek, NV


Please send info on upcoming events to


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