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Landsailing events

For years, decades actually, until interrupted by the pandemic, NALSA had published information about official NALSA events, International events and casual get-togethers. We are about to resume that practice.

We will make it clear which events are official NALSA sanctioned events, usually formal racing events, and provide entry forms, schedules, release forms and contact information for those events. If we post international events, they will be sanctioned by FISLY or some national Association or Club which is responsible for making sure that information is accurate and events are safe and well managed.

Although we don’t want anyone to miss out on a fun landsailing gathering, we are a relatively small, volunteer, organization; we can’t possibly check the accuracy, safety or legitimacy of happenings that we list. We will require a contact person be listed and recommend you contact that person to confirm details.

Additionally, as a heads-up to event organizers, be aware that our website, Facebook page and the Landsailing Facebook page are monitored by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and others to regulate unsanctioned events. If you bill your activity as a casual gathering, but charge entry fees, have scheduled races and publish results, expect to have a conflict with the managers of the dry lake or beach where you are gathering. Similarly, if you describe your activity as a formal racing event, but don’t notify the proper authorities for permits etc. you are likely to have problems.

NALSA is not in any way responsible for any casual events listed here or on the Facebook sites, regardless of who the organizers are. We reserve the right to not re publish events that cause problems with officials, site owners or within our community.

FISLY International Events Calendar

America's Landsailing Cup, NALSA

March, 17- 25, 2023  Ivanpah Dry Lake , CA

America's Landsailing Cup (ALC) Typically occurs the last full week in March.
North America's premier landsailing event and, for 2023, officially an international event. The ALC includes several days of exciting racing preceded by two days of training /practice. It is also a great time to meet landsailors and see landsailers (aka "dirtboats") from all over the US and often from other countries as well.

2023 forms: 

Form packet PDF (including: Registration, Daily Schedule, information, waiver and safety).
Please download and read all forms. Print forms that need to be filled out and fill them out before the event (note: several  pages can be filled out on line and emailed). Late registration fees begin March 8, 2022

 Results (2022)

Contact:NALSA President 

Information on Sailing and Camping at Ivanpah: Info and Directions

Landsailing Activities


May 25 thru May 29, 2023

Come one, call all and enjoy sailing at Smith Creek. Preferred camping location,
for this gathering, is the South shore line, where the lake surface is always extra
Contact Information: (702) 492-0137, or
(858) 272-5656,
Posted for information purposes, to inform the casual sailor, of this gathering.

November Cup Gathering

Nov.2023 Ivanpah or El Mirage Dry Lake CA.

Please send info on upcoming events to