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Wooden landsailer in excellent condition.  See Photos.  Contact for more information.

Very competitive super fast (80+ mph) Class 5 and 4 landsailer  Especially fast in light air.  First Place Winner of Class 5 seven times and Class 4 once at the America's Cup of Landsailing race held at Ivanpah.  Includes 2 wing masts,  one Class 3 sail,  two carbon fiber Class 4 and 5 sails, two Kevlar Class 4 and 5 sails, spare rear axle strut, extra parts and a custom trailer.Photos.  Buy it and win. $6900 call Charles at 760 662 1843  email

2 Mini Skeeters, Manta Twin, Promo, 5.6 minis,  Nite,   Twin Seat orange yacht, Aluminum single seat yacht. See Pictures at:
Contact Allen: 661 7477548

FRIENDSHIP (BLEW BY YOU US 8600), Completely restored Friendship, fastest, cleanest, most fun yacht in the fleet! Complete with 20’ Carson Highway Cargo trailer customized for Friendship, 3 Mantas, bed, storage, 12volt system with solar panel and more. Full compliment of sails, Mylar/Kevlar Class II, III, IV, Dacron storm sail. Give your friends a thrill ride, who knows their panties could fly off! $15,000 Call John Zahn (562) 881-6000

Johhny's Rocket-- Sail a big boat!  Caddilac ride, blistering speed!  Class winner in 2002, the year John Eisenlohr built it.  22' long, 15' wide, extremely stable.  2 Kevlar, 1 carbon sail, 20' wingmast.  Two sets of tires, including Hoosier slicks.  Also comes with additional plank and runners for ice.  Capable of speeds over 80 mph!  Land/ice sail in style!  $4000.00 Also available, lightweight, custom built (by John!) enclosed trailer.  Tandem axel, 15" tires, brakes on both axels.  Room for boat, all components and gear, with room for 2 dirtbikes and a small landsailer.  I've towed it easily with a Ford Econline and Dodge Durango.  $4500.00 Photos.
Contact Dave


LANDSAILERS, continued:


Landsailer For Sale: Twin and single seater, built by Rich Crnich of Bend, OR.
Currently using a 6.2 meter wind surfer sail.
Additional masts and sails come with it.
Pictures at

$1500 for everything, call Morrie at 360-268-0318 or email

JOIN THE 6.7 CLASS Learn to sail small high performance land sailors. Join the 6.7 Class at US Mini Yacht Association events found on the NALSA event calendar. Loaner boats available for test sails, learning, and confirmation that it something you want to buy and race. Boats available for purchase upon request. Call Howard at (858) 272-5656 or email

Landsailor For Sale: Single seater Good condition $1,250.00 Text message for pictures. Pick up in Waldport, OR, or Vancouver, WA. J 541.272.19432

Manta Single for sale. Selling for $1000 obo, located in Oakland, CA Email for pictures

Bat 2 Model Landsailers 



Two Blokart front axles with cast aluminum arms still in the box brand new. Retail is $150 each plus shipping. I'm selling them for $100 each plus shipping. Please respond by text or call. Bob,505-234-2900

Manta Single: Parts List
Manta Twin Parts List


Landsailer Plans: International Mini 5.6
Only $49.50 website:

Landsailer Plans: USMYA, Mini Class
Build it yourself : for as little as $250.00! Complete set of Measured Drawings; Only $49.50 website:

Landsailer Plans

Landsailer Plans
Entry level landsailer plans and parts list.
Great fun both to build and sail. $24.50
Email: Phone: (760) 873-5270


North Sails (sailboard) Spectra - 5.0 and 6.0. Excellent, almost “like new” condition North Sails Prisma 5.5, good to excellent condition. $60 each all for $150 contact:

TAYLOR SAILS Custom Dirt Boat Sails...
e-mail- Phone- 360-775-0307 2288 Deer Park Rd Port Angeles Wa 98362

Elliot Pattison. Competitive sails for 5.6 and 6.7 Mini, Fisly 5 and other landsailers.

Charter/ Rent

Manta Single for rent at America's Landsailing Cup, Cow to Cow etc.   Good sail and the only white framed Manta Single in existence.
Contact Mark Harris at 775-355-7035 for contract and details.

Land Near Landsailing Venue:

10 acres, 20 minutes west of Ivanpah Dry lake off hwy 15 on north edge of Mojave preserve (660'x660'),borders blm to north, APN 0572311270000. 3 miles north of Shell station on paved Kingston rd. NO sight or sound of interstate 15. Strong 4glte cell/ data, ups/FedEx delivery, surrounded by federal wilderness, Joshua trees, burros, pleasant 3,600' elevation. Incredible protected view. 50k$. Possible owner finance or partial trade for MB "sprinter" van. TEXT me at (760)220-0703.


none at the moment

Trailers, Racks and Tow Vehicles, Storage

Trailer set up to haul 3 Manta Twins. $2000 530-577-4028 home Photo

Enclosed trailer.  Tandem axel, 15" tires, brakes on both axels.  Room for boat, all components and gear, with room for 2 dirtbikes and a small landsailer.  I've towed it easily with a Ford Econline and Dodge Durango.  $4500.00 Photos.
Contact Dave


none at the moment



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