Last Updated August 21, 2019
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Sail Number Application as PDF

Sail Number Application as Word .doc

Numbers are now $2


International Sail Number Application

US Sail Number Applicant:





City                   State              Zip

Telephone:___________________________ Email:_____________________

Class Number/Name:_____________________________________________

REQUESTED US SAIL NUMBER CHOICES:_US______________________________

Note: Consecutive small numbers, as possible, will be issued if no specific number is requested. Many numbers are already registered. Present yacht owner -

Release of sail number:_US_______________ Name:____________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________ __________________________________________ City State Zip Telephone: ________________________ Email:_________________________ SIGNATURE OF PERSON RELEASING SAIL NUMBER


APPLICANT - Mail this completed form and filing fee of $2.00 to:

NALSA – c/o Mark Harris
2027 Valencia Way
Sparks, NV 89434
Call Mark at (775) 355-7035 or email: for Sail Number Inquires US SAIL NUMBER ISSUED: US________________ DATE: ___________

NALSA SAIL NUMBER Purchase and Installation Notes


NALSA has sail numbers, U.S. and Numbers for sale. These are black, laser-cut, 10 in size, with rounded corners. Beautiful works of art and readable by the race committee. These letters and numbers will definitely allow you to sail faster and make you proud. Allegedly, you will be in the winner’s circle frequently if you have these figures on your sails. So, order up an ample supply to satisfy your appetite for that beautiful fresh and fast appearance. Old worn out sail numbers will only slow you down. Order today for $2.00 each plus $2.00 shipping.

Installation: Place letters and numbers on the top 1/3 of the sail. Race committee members will be looking for them there. Place the starboard (right side) letters and numbers above the port (left side). NEVER, NEVER PLACE BOTH SIDES BACK TO BACK ON FABRIC or TRANSPARENT SAILS. Light conditions and dust will make reading your number impossible. The exception is a solid wing, here you can place them on opposite sides of the sail at the same level if desired as they cannot be seen through the wing.

Example of correct placement: