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US Racing Classes

NALSA Classes

NALSA classes are open classes, almost completely free in terms of design and yacht size, limited only by sail size.

Class II         max-126.6 ft2 (11.30 m2)

Class III          max- 79.1 ft2 (7.35 m2)
(see also international class 3)

Class IV           max-59.0 ft2 (5.48 m2.)

Class V             max- 49.0 ft2 (4.55 m2)

US Mini 6.7      Rules Page

Sportsman: boats that don't fit in other classes and don't have a wing mast. Sometimes also boats without the 5 required to be a class for racing purposes.

International Classes

International classes are regulated by FISLY, International Land and Sandyacht Federation.

There are procedures for classes to be accepted into FISLY and classes are required to have their own associations. Classes set their own rules which FISLY publishes.

Class 2

Class 3 (US class III is currently complying with FISLY rules...mostly).

Class 5 (usually known as FISLY 5  in the US)

US Class 5 page

FISLY  Class 5 Rules PDF

European class 5 Facebook page

Promo (Class 5 with cost reducing limitations)

Mini (Called Mini 5.6 in the US)

Mini Spirit-more restricted
Mini Sport-more developmental

One Design

At least in theory, all yachts in a one design class are as close to identical as is possible. Often they are from one manufacture who with their club/association sets the rules for the class as long as they do not contradict basic NALSA rules.

Manta Twin and Single
MANTA Class Page

Mini Skeeter
Mini Skeeter Facebook page


Standart webpage

Standart rules PDF

Blokarts have a well-developed and active racing program outside of NALSA. Within NALSA, Blokarts run within the Mini 5.6 class and sometimes Sportsman. Rules about the actual yacht come from Blokart. racing rules come from NALSA unless enough blokarts show up to justify a separate start; there are some racing rule differences between the two organizations.
Blokart Website