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For Sale


Like-new Manta Twin high float with reinforced axle, hex block and bracket assembly. Purchased new used it three times it has always been stored in my climate controlled garage. Asking $3000.00 for information call 520 -820-5468

Promo 5 with both FISLY Class 5 configuration and optional US Mini 6.7 configuration. 8 sail inventory (Elliott Sails) with both BL (40% Draft and BD (25% Draft Challenge Sailcloth Blue Streak battens and one sail with RBS 25% Draft Battens). 5.5m, 5.0m, 4.5m, 4.0m, 3.5m Carbon, 5.5 Pentax, 5.5 Black Kevlar, 5.5 Technora Sails. Garmin GPS mount, Fed 5 tapered mast, Harken 3.0 Carbo Blocks ($500 value), Harken hexaratchet block, 3:1 internal outhaul on custom boom, new Spectra mainsheet line, custom seat pad and head rest, Sunbrella trainable cover, 24 in rear wheels with 26 in Maxxis Hookworm 26 x 2.5 in Bike tires, 2.5 x 18 custom Kawasaki spoked rear wheels with fiberglass covers and IRC 2.5 x 18 tires Douglas Jr Dragster 10 in front wheel with Bridgestone Hoop 2.75 x 10 tire, Sunbrella wheel covers, custom thermal wheels covers when parked on steel crazy wheels, custom VW retracting seat belt, several extra tires and tubes for all wheel sizes, several sets of wheel bearings. Front wheel uses 1623 RS or 1623RSC bearings. Custom alignment jig for rear wheel alignment. This dirt boat has been fast in past ALC events usually coming in 2nd many times. $5,000 firm. If interested, the boat is currently stored in Sparks, NV, but will be moving in mid October to Olympia, WA. Contact Mark at or 775-722-7035

MiniSkeeter #24- construction overseen by John Eisenlohr. Light use. 1 aluminum mast; 1 carbon mast; 2 axle planks, 2 Sailworks sails (for light and heavy air). Built by Scott E: new front end/steering assembly & rollbar. Alloy wheels & 2 sets of new spare tires. Wooden springboard for conversion to iceboat. No covers; no trailer. Located in Montana, but possible delivery to the SW on or before ALC. $4800. Glenn: 406.691.1135 or

Friendship Sunshine 2222 with 3 sails & inclosed 20 ft trailer and acc $4590.00 it is in Quartzside,AZ
Ph 661-433-2688 Paul Ackermann

Promo sandsailer for sale.  Purchased late last year from Burton Grover.  Unused by me as I live in Fiji and busy with house and baby.  Newer Promo with fresh yellow 2-pac paint and 3 “Like New” sails.  “Big wheels” and lead weight for front axle.  Burton stated boat is done right and fast.  Paid $4500 for it and wanting $4000 for it.  In storage in a Lake Havasu, AZ. RV garage. Just in time for 2019 Ivanpah.  Can arrange for a speedy pick-up. Thanks, Tod Geer at

Wooden landsailer in excellent condition.  See Photos.  Contact for more information.

Sky Blue Promo 5 converted to FISLY 5 Class. Yacht took 1st place 2017 , 2018 , 2019  ALC 6.7 m class . Original owner , new E/P radial carbon 5.5 m2 and 4.5m2 sails , Frank Marsh 26 " spun alum. rear wheels w/ offset plank, 20" Frank Marsh spun alum. front wheel w/ duplicate spare wheel , new tires , 7 to 1 Harken purchase , new Howard mast  and much more . This yacht will win you races; very fast . $1975 firm (702) 492-0137

Friendship (Blew by You US 8600), Completely restored Friendship, fastest, cleanest, most fun yacht in the fleet! Complete with 20’ Carson Highway Cargo trailer customized for Friendship, 3 Mantas, bed, storage, 12volt system with solar panel and more. Full compliment of sails, Mylar/Kevlar Class II, III, IV, Dacron storm sail. Give your friends a thrill ride, who knows their panties could fly off! $15,000 Call John Zahn (562) 881-6000

KwiKat Landsailer For Sale
Steel frame, padded seat, adjustable axles, mast post and steering.
80" Long x 60" wide. Three sails, two masts, one boom. and Lots of tires and wheels.
Cart is located in Ensenada, Baja California. Lots more information, photos and videos at:  click on KwiKat link. us$1,600

Big Boat Project. Complete wooden body framework. Looks like it was intended to be skinned with aluminum or composite. Stored inside. Free to a good home. contact Erick for photos and

Bat 2 Model Landsailers

Very competitive super fast (80+ mph) Class 5 and 4 landsailer  Especially fast in light air.  First Place Winner of Class 5 seven times and Class 4 once at the America's Cup of Landsailing race held at Ivanpah.  Includes 2 wing masts,  one Class 3 sail,  two carbon fiber Class 4 and 5 sails, two Kevlar Class 4 and 5 sails, spare rear axle strut, extra parts and a custom trailer.Photos.  Buy it and win. $6900 call Charles at 760 662 1843  email

Dirt Boats & Aluminum Masts:
1) Nite Landsailor - $1,900
2) Fisly 5 (Fed5) - $1,700
3) US Mini Yacht 6.7 - $1,500
4) New aluminum Fed5 masts $275 (plus shipping)
Call or email Howard at (858) 272-5656 or

2 Mini Skeeters, Manta Twin, Promo, 5.6 minis,  Nite, Fed 5 , Twin Seat orange yacht, Aluminum single seat yacht. See Pictures at:

Contact Allen: 661 7477548

Lost and Found (None):

Parts (None):


Landsailer Plans

Landsailer Plans
Entry level landsailer plans and parts list.
Great fun both to build and sail. $24.50
Email: Phone: (760) 873-5270


TAYLOR SAILS Custom Dirt Boat Sails...
e-mail- Phone- 360-775-0307 2288 Deer Park Rd Port Angeles Wa 98362

Elliott sails. Competitive sails for 5.6 and 6.7 Mini, Fisly 5 and other landsailers.

Charter/ Rent:

Playa Transportation:

Trailers etc: (None:)



Manta Windjammer used parts wanted 1. Sail. 2. Mast. 3.  Front Wheel. 4.  2 each rear wheels.   Ron.